Vegan Yogurt


Although I am not a vegan, I do choose to eat more vegetarian & vegan meals throughout my week than most non-vegans. This could possibly be due to raising my child vegetarian and living amongst vegetarian and vegans throughout my early twenties. Either way, I love experimenting in the kitchen, so when I was introduced to this recipe via “Goldilock’s” on instagram, I immediately went to the cupboard and whipped up a batch for the morning. All of the ingredients are items I tend to always have stocked in my cupboards, so it really wasn’t of any inconvenience for me. I chose to put fresh fruit into my “vegan yogurt” as it just seemed to be bland without it, plus then I would get my allotted nutritional amount of fruit serving for breakfast. Given that I am of Jamaican descent and I grew up on one of the Hawaiian Islands I tend to go tropical with my fruit selection, yet you can put whatever your heart fancies. I will post the ingredients and recipe below.


1/2 c. Coconut milk

1/4 c. Black Chia seeds

1/4 c. Almond milk

Recipe directions:

Add Coconut milk to air tight container (I used a 8oz. Mason jar), mix in chia seeds, add almond milk, stir, seal and refrigerator over night. In the morning, cut fruit into bite-size pieces, add into the “vegan yogurt” and enjoy! Let me know what your tastebuds think of the recipe. Sometimes if I’m feeling more on the sweeter side, I also add agave nectar to it. What is your favorite “easy and simple” recipe?


-Simone Shaw

Chloe + Isabel End of Season Sale

About 4 months ago I quit my dead-end job and took my career in fashion to the next level. When I quit I did not have another job in line. Considering that I attend school full-time, I quit after I had received a phone call stating that I was receiving a grant I had applied for. Although the grant would aid in finances during the school year and I have worked sine I was 15, I just couldn't be without work. I started by updating my resume, diligently looking on craigslist and the help-wanted ads, when I fell upon a post on Craigslist advertising for fashion merchandisers in the Northwest area. I quickly clicked the link, which led me to the Chloe +Isabel website and read more about this amazing opportunity. This was the job I was looking for, where I could make my own hours, get ahead in the fashion industry, and gain the entrepreneurial skills, all while attending school and building my fashion business; Simone Shaw Style Studio.

Fast forward a couple months to now, and you have a woman that is building her portfolio, working towards a degree while sustaining her happiness! I could not ask for a better job! So, although I had anticipated sharing this with you readers months back, life got a bit crazy and you are now hearing of it. Better late than never!

AND to reward loyal readers from now until December 31st, 11:59PM EST, when you purchase from my boutique and spend $100 or more, you will receive a FREE C+I gift from me! Make sure to shop the link below to qualify. You also must comment below with the email you used for purchasing, so I can double check your order.

Thank you for your support!


-Simone Shaw


Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 Pre-Collection

I love Prabal Gurung so very much, so when I opened my email and saw the Pre-Collection images in ImageAmplified it was with great delight! This collection with its delicate ruffles, and clean lines, adds a bit of drama with the dark colors, balanced with the pastel color way. I am dying to try on the featured white dress.

These are just the few that really stood out for me and I would love to have in my closet.
If you could choose one look, what would it be?
Please leave your comments below.
-Simone Shaw

Oxblood Fashion

The new ox-blood color is making me want to cuddle next to the fireplace with a mocha latte and indulge in my latest fashion books. I recently acquired 5 on sale, and finally splurged and bought; Emily Schuman’s, “Cupcakes and Cashmere; a guide for defining your style, reinventing your space and entertaining with ease!” It surely is everything I wanted and more. This editorial is also another reason I want to immerse and educate myself on how to succeed in this industry. The colors are exquisite, and the layout is utter perfection.


{Harpers BAZZAR UKRAINE} {Model: Naty Chabanenko} {Stylist: Svetlana Marson} (Photographer: Dima Honcharov}

Images via Image amplified

My Darlin’ -Miley Cyrus


My Darlin' -Miley Cyrus

“I walked through a pool of water and I seen the shadow of a broken-hearted girl
Pictured us walking to the altar, for better or for worse

Why don’t you stand, stand by me, oh my darling stand by me
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, in 3D
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, in 3D
Why don’t you stand, stand by me, oh my darling stand by me, stand by me

I ain’t pop no Molly but you still got me sweating
What happened to that feeling? We’ll never get it back
I ain’t take no shots but you still got me hot
What happened to that feeling? I wish it wouldn’t stop

We were supposed to be together
We were supposed to be together

They say that love can hit you so fast
Plenty odds are running out of time
But ours is on the border walk baby
Take me as I am or not
I can’t breathe without you, without you as mine

Why don’t you stand, stand by me, oh my darling stand by me
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, in 3D
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, in 3D

Stand by me, yea, my darling, stand by me, yeah
Yea, 3D, yea, movie, we gon’ make a, 3D, 3D

Why don’t you stand, stand by me, oh my darling stand by me
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, in 3D
We gon’ make a movie, a movie and it’s gon’ be in 3D, 3D
Why don’t you stand, stand by me, oh my darling stand by me”

Have you ever felt love so strong, only to be left with your heart in your hand? This is how I feel when I listen to this song. The emptiness of the love lost. We had such wonderful moments together, and when I look back on the days and nights spent together I draw a tear of gratitude. Yet, it’s been over a year and we’ve spoken once. It is time to close that chapter of my life and leave you with those “memories”. We didn’t get to have the epic love tale that I thought we were destined for, yet we had an epic tale. Some love isn’t meant to last forever, and ours had just begun. I stand by myself in this feeling, My DARLIN’…


Lions, Tigers and SWEATERS, oh MY!

Autumn has fallen upon us in the Northwest and not a moment too soon. This weekend we were met with thunderous light storms, which humbles some and scares others. I was amongst the humbled; Orion, my 5 year-old wasn’t. I did try to reason with him, being that we had recently returned from Church; I stated it was God speaking to us. He seemed to be impressed with this definition.

Circle back to topic at hand, the beauty of thunderstorns is it gives you the liberty to cuddle up in a soft sweater, throw on a pair of relaxed boyfriend jeans and your cutest pointy toe pumps and venture to the local coffee house to soak up the sights and sounds while sipping on that perfect, ‘Tall Soy White Chocolate Mocha’. I know your probably thinking why soy, if it’s white chocolate?! Not only does it taste better, not too rich, it doesn’t upset my stomach.

The change in weather accompanies my obsession with sweaters, alluring me to go shopping for a few new pieces to add to my autumn wardrobe. I have chosen 16 of my favorites to showcase to you here. How do you style your sweaters?

  1. Kenzo Tiger-IntarsiaKnittedSweater_$715
  2. Mango Rhinestone Tiger Jumper Light Pastel Grey $55
  3. BLK OPM RoughSexSweater $209
  4. Textile Rebels Wolf Jumper Black $285
  5. Rabens Saloner Dip-dye Knit Sweater $265
  6. Black Metallic Yoke Embroidered Rhinestone Sweater $70
  7. Steffen Schraut Pullover $265
  8. N.Peal Cashmere Embellished Sweater $320 $179
  9. Maje Dauvelle Patterned Knitted Sweater $300
  10. GIVENCHY High Neck Sweater $1218
  11. J.Crew Palma Jacquard-knit Sweater Cashmere $500
  12. Christopher Kane Ribcage Sweater $450
  13. Brian Lichtenberg Homies Sweater $152
  14. Reed Krakoff Alligator Print Crepe & FineKnit Sweater $1190
  15. Kenzo Logo Pullover $441
  16. GIVENCHY Print Sweater $1379